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8 DIY Ways to Redo Your Bathroom on a Penny Budget

8 DIY Ways to Redo Your Bathroom on a Penny Budget

Ready to update your bathroom space, but don’t want to get involved in a big renovation project? These easy updates can give you a whole new look on any budget.

When thinking of adding equity to your home, the best place for a mini makeover is the bathroom. When you realize what small changes in a bathroom and dramatically change the appearance, you will wonder why you didn’t update a long time ago.

Before you start, take some time to research and figure out what style you will be going for. The bathroom should be a peaceful, relaxing space. Once you have figured out what you want, take a look at these few tips for getting the bathroom remodel you have been waiting for.

Source: Lowes.com

This is the easiest place to start your remodel, since painting is something most do themselves it is something that can have a fast and dramatic change. For a simple look, choose paint colors tones that are soft and soothing. These give you a greater sense of space and light. Bright open feeling are best for resale value. If you are looking for something more cozy, then choose warm saturated tones.

This is one of the more easier makeover that will make a dramatic change to the look of the bathroom. Their is a variety of styles and price points, make sure they follow the theme of your new bathroom design. Typically, a stainless or nickel finish will go best with a relaxing spa look, while the dark bronze tones will ad the richness you’re looking for.

Keeping them clutter free is essential for when guests come over and use your bathroom.

A quick storage and functional fix to stash toiletries and other grooming equipment is small caddies that you can pop in and out easily.

Start with a simple dimmer switch. This will help when you need good light for grooming and help you relax when you want softer light.

Replacing the vanity lighting is easier than you may think. The best time to replace your fixture is when you are painting. This will maximize your options when choosing a light that covers the area.

To add a statement to the bathroom add a chandelier or pendant lighting to dramatically change the feeling.

Shower, sink and tub faucets
These are the updates that really make the bathroom look and feel new. Look for a fixture that will extend over the bowl more and will have more height.

Then, upgrade to a new showerhead. There are many to choose from, read reviews online like lowes.com or amazon.com. A shower head that can extend from the wall will be your best functional option.

Mirror and Medicine Cabinet
Most standard medicine cabinets are not much to look at, and there are now plenty of options that will your replace your current cabinet. A simple beveled mirror version with a plastic wipe-able interior can update a rusted metal version.

But another simple fix if you don’t want to replace the whole cabinet is to build a simple picture-style frame right over your basic wall mirror. Just choose the frame according to the style you’re going for, and make sure the surface is moisture resistant.

Towel warmer
A towel warmer is one of the most forgotten spa feeling additions you can make to your bathroom. They come in all shapes and sizes. They offer plug-in and hard wire that are free standing or can hang on the wall.

The final touches
New linens and a fresh bathmat can change the appearance of your bath. All white towels will feel like a more spa feeling.

Add all these improvements or just a few to change the feeling of dated bathroom.

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