Mortgage Refinancing | Robert Measer

eProperty Watch

ePropertyWatch is a great new service to keep you up to date on the value of your home, transactions in your neighborhood, and overall real estate trends in your area. You’ll be able to keep up with your home’s changing value and what’s happening around you – all for free. You can also watch multiple […]

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Fend off a foreclosure – Look for a new mortgage refinance loan to avoid the hassles

Refinancing a home mortgage loan at a lower interest rate isn’t always the right choice even though you might be able to save your dollars through the entire process. Refinancing doesn’t just give you bragging rights in the neighborhood gathering. It is best to put some thought behind refinancing multiple times. Refinancing time and again […]

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Mortgage Loan Modification Makes Homes More Affordable

The past several years have witnessed an unprecedented number of mortgage defaults and home foreclosures in America. Since 2008, banks have foreclosed on approximately four million homes because their owners could not meet their loan obligations. When a homeowner is facing a situation that could result in foreclosure, due to unemployment, family or medical emergencies […]

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