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The benefits of a FREE buyer agent.

Hiring an expert buyer specialist is a critical first step to ensure that your home purchase goes smoothly. Your buyer agent is hired by you, you’re in charge of who you work with, but that agent is compensated by a commission the seller agreed to pay when listing the property.

Most every real estate transaction has unforeseen issues; it’s your agent’s job to circumvent the road blocks. Each transaction is unique, but feel confident that with my experience I am equipped to guide you through the process from start to finish.

The difference at HUNT Real Estate.

HUNT Real Estate is an honest, local, innovative company. We’re agile to an evolving real estate industry by utilizing new tools in marketing, paperless transaction management, and e-signature programs. This is all done to benefit our consumer (that’s you!).

Feel confident I can help you seal the deal from anywhere. Great properties move fast. So can I.



Shop with Confidence

It’s easy to get ahead of yourself when thinking of purchasing a home. It’s an exciting time, but before you load up your Social media it’s important to know where you stand financially and crunch the numbers.

Use a local trusted lender, Please!

Trust us! Not all lenders are created equal. I believe that your lender should be a local or have a local office. I put our clients in touch with lenders who under-promise, over-deliver and keep you informed throughout the process.

Avoid overextending the budget.

Live below your means. That’s what your grandparents probably told you. I agree with your grandparents. Regardless of what you are able to qualify for you should never strap yourself with a mortgage payment you are not comfortable with. Remember, you’re in charge!




Identify your Needs & Wants.

Now that you have the right people in your corner it’s time to create an action plan.

Make a list of what is important to you. I recommend starting with the basics. Home features, location & budget. Then add in the extras.

Set your timeline.

Now it’s down to the logistics. Do you need to make a move quickly? Are you flexible? These are important factors to identify up front. A typical loan today takes 60 days (+/-) to close. Once we know your overall situation we will cater our efforts to match your timeframe.




Find your Home.

It’s time to start finding and viewing homes! Of course, most homebuyers begin online; that’s a given these days. You can use my website to search and save your favorite properties. My home search comes directly from the MLS; this means you’ll always have access to every home on the market and it’s updated every 24hrs, so you know the listings are current.

Get Started Today – Set up my Home Search Account

Once you have a list of homes you are interested in it’s time to go see them. Reach out to me and I will coordinate your property tour.

Write up the Offer!

Found something you love? Great! Now it’s time to make an offer. You can trust that I know the market and how to negotiate to get you the best price. After we present the offer and agree on a price, you’re under contract on the property. We’re on the way to your new home; here’s where an agent (me) really shines!




Inspection. Bids. Repair Addendum. Appraisal.

Time to look behind closed doors and pull out the microscope. This is your opportunity to find out if the property has any issues. It is also when your team of skilled advisors make sure everything checks out (including your loan) and you feel comfortable moving forward with the purchase.

Overview & Options

Your inspection period is generally 7 business days but negotiable at the time you make an offer for you to perform inspections and negotiate repairs. If everything checks out and you want to move forward your earnest money will set in esrow and will become part of your downpayment.

Home Inspection & Repairs

I can help you coordinate a home inspection with a licensed, bonded, and insured WNY home inspector. The inspector will check the property from top to bottom and will deliver a detailed report with his or her findings.

Based on that report we will submit a formal repair addendum to the seller asking that the most important items to you be corrected. This addendum can be negotiated and renegotiated until all parties are satisfied.

Appraisal & Loan Finalization

After going under contract on the property it will be necessary to secure a final loan commitment from your lender. Don’t worry. Your lender will work closely with you to get all of the needed documentation. The lender will also have the property appraised to verify that the contract price doesn’t exceed market value.




Signing & Closing.

Now that everything is in order, repairs made, loan secured; it’s time to make it official. On the day of closing, your attorney will go over all of the loan documents with you and will verify the property is clear of any title issues. They’ll have a few last items to finish up after getting your signature, depending on the closing you will leave with keys in your hand

Move In.

Your home is now YOUR HOME! Now it’s time to get those moving boxes in the truck.

Host a house warming PARTY! With all of your friends; once you’re all moved in, of course. Congratulations!


Comments From MY Past Clients

“Rob is a great realtor! A few months before my husband and I got married, we really started looking at houses. When we contacted Rob, he went to work right away to find us a house that met all of our needs. He was successful in finding us the perfect house in the perfect location almost 3 months before our wedding! We’ve been in our house one year now, and I would recommend Rob to anyone!” – Ashley

“We were first time homebuyers and Rob did a great job showing us several different houses and eventually showing us the house we fell in love with. He knew the house would go quick and he effectively negotiated with the seller and locked in the deal that same day.” – Laura

“Rob was extremely patient with us as we struggled to figure out what we wanted in a home. He was always willing to show us different neighborhoods and was available whenever we needed him. We would highly recommend him!!” -Maggie

“Rob, I would like to that you for your support & help with finding a home back in Western New York for my parents. You certainly made the transition much easier for everyone. Please know that it is greatly appreciated! – Eugenia”

“Working with Rob Measer was a breeze. He listened to what we were looking for and found us our perfect house. He was very easy to get in contact with and we were sent updates daily of houses on the market matching our criteria. I would recommend Rob to anyone looking to purchase a home. Thanks Rob!” – Brian G.

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