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When Is A Good Time To Sell Your Home In WNY?

When Is A Good Time To Sell Your Home In WNY?

As we are in the middle of winter here in Buffalo, NY and the New Year came and went.  You might be thinking that this is the year to sell your current home to upgrade to something bigger, in a different neighborhood, or even a different school district.  One of the most frequent questions that I get asked is  - when is the best time to sell a house?

Do you know what answer I always give?

When it is right for you and your family.  The time of year doesn’t necessarily matter when selling in Western New York.  If you are working with an experienced real estate agent, there are opportunities during all seasons.

For instance, many Realtors will tell you that spring is the best time to sell because that is when there are more buyers.  That is true, but springtime is also when everyone else is listing their home for sale and that leads to competition on the homes-for-sale market.

The typical buyer is usually ready to start researching new homes after the New Year.  The holiday buzz has worn off, taxes are about to be filed, and tax and interest rates are known.  It happens every year, buyers says they will be ready after the New Year to start searching for the right home.   What usually happens though, is that come February, after the Super Bowl, buyers have had time to get their taxes in line it’s then that they become very serious to purchase a home.

Our current market this February is low on inventory and from speaking with many of my colleges, it seems that everyone has buyers.  I currently am working with multiple buyers looking to purchase a home in Amherst, Lancaster, Cheektowaga, Clarence, and Depew.  We just can’t find the right house for them with the low amounts of inventory on the market right now.

So when is the best time to sell your home?

Well, right now is as great a time as any to sell your home – inventory is low and buyers are out looking.

If you thinking about selling a home in Buffalo, Amherst, Clarence, or any of the suburbs

I invite you to contact me.  I have buyers lined up to look at your home.  And if we can’t find a buyer from my list of families seeking homes, I will find you a buyer through my extensive network of colleagues and advertising outlets.  If you are going to sell a home this month, give me a call to set up a free initial consultation.

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